We help guard the value of your business and position you on the bridge to your business future.

About Us

After working with thousands of business leaders in diverse industries, GuardianBridge has discovered that nearly all successful business leaders focus on building the infrastructure to support future business growth and sustainability, while protecting the integrity and value of the business today. These approaches empower team members, drive client satisfaction, and propel profitability.

GuardianBridge is a boutique business services firm that supports the complex needs of business leaders and their teams to develop and implement strategies, plans, and programs to ensure business success. Our team brings decades of experience as business executives and consultants in banking and financial services businesses, energy companies, government contracting businesses, technology companies, among others. We help guard the value of your business and position you on the bridge to your business future.

Businesses rely on GuardianBridge because we aren’t management consultants. We don’t use one size fits all approaches. We know that the needs of each business and team are unique. We believe that the context where your business has been and where you want your business to go are as important as where your business is today. We will be your partner for long-term success.


GuardianBridge’s services support the complex needs of business leaders and their teams to develop and implement strategies, plans, and programs to ensure business success. We are recognized by our clients for delivering innovative thinking and customized solutions that truly meet the requirements of their businesses.

Corporate Communications, Media Relations & Investor Relations

In the 24/7 news cycle, communications activities take on elevated levels of importance for businesses. We offer deep experience in corporate communications, public relations, investor relations, crisis and media management, and event management for public companies, private businesses, non-profit organizations, and high-profile individuals.

Financial Services

GuardianBridge supports chief executive officers, chief financial officers, and financial managers with a diverse range of financial services activities to enhance business performance. We support process development and implementation, model and forecasting development, control development and implementation, efficiency analysis, and mergers and acquisitions modelling and analysis.

Process & Analysis

In many instances, the most significant opportunities to continue the growth of your business are derived from adding and enhancing to the infrastructure of your business. We assist you with current and future state mapping, process improvement analysis, development of new processes and procedures, and development and implementation of training programs – ranging from executive leadership to new talent development and from corporate communications to new process implementation – to assist you with enhanced execution to power client satisfaction, business growth, and profitability.

Strategy & Advisory

With an emphasis on your context, the GuardianBridge team can develop strategies for the future and advise your business on the creation of differentiated capabilities, process improvements, business positioning, and enhanced return on investment. Strategic and advisory services include strategic plan development, strategy execution, financial modeling, commercial strategy, product and service innovation, mergers and acquisitions, and other specialized services.

Enterprise Risk Management

The risks and threats that face businesses today are increasing in number and velocity – new regulations, new technologies, new external threats, new competitors, and new markets. Risks can destroy businesses, business units, and jobs; however, risks can be managed and losses prevented. Enterprise risk management (ERM) programs help organizations to evaluate and manage risk. At GuardianBridge, we deliver ERM expertise to organizations – through models, tools, and analyses – that manage and mitigate risk across the enterprise.

Professional Staffing

GuardianBridge provides a professional staffing and part-time executive contracting employment structure that helps you meet the needs of your business. We have a deep talent roster that can be utilized for tailored employment strategies. Do you need a part-time chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, general counsel or other senior leader for your team? We offer contract employment engagements to meet your needs.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

Businesses today face an increasing onslaught of regulatory and compliance mandates. We can help your company meet evolving regulatory and compliance requirements through plan development and implementation.

Training & Talent Development

Every business is only as strong as its team. We help ensure that your team is empowered with the contextual and business process knowledge that support development of talent and delivery of performance excellence. Our training services include development and delivery of training curricula for your specific business needs – ranging from leadership development to media relations and from change management to customer relations.


GuardianBridge delivers innovative approaches and tools to help solve your business challenges. We specialize in assisting business leaders in some of the most complex situations – heavily-regulated businesses and new start-up companies, but have strong cross-industry experiences that can deliver strong value for business in many industries.

Banking & Financial Services

Today, banks and financial services companies face increasing regulatory and compliance requirements and are often subject to heightened regulatory scrutiny. In addition, these businesses face challenges from constrained margins, non-banking competition, and financial technology transitions. We help banks and financial services firms meet the regulatory, compliance and examination mandates through plan development and implementation. GuardianBridge activities include developing and deploying community reinvestment act programs, enterprise risk management programs, vendor management programs, financial modeling programs, and compliance management programs, among other activities.

Government Contracting

Government contracting is complex, constantly evolving and brings significant consequences for non-compliance. With our decades of experience in this sector, we help you build the operational processes and practices that ensure you meet client goals and your own business goals, while managing growth in this complicated business area.

Other Businesses

While we focus our consulting activities on heavily-regulated industries and start-up businesses, we have strong cross-industry expertise that can support your business. Examples of our broader experiences include executive management and strategic planning support for non-profit organizations, professional service businesses, retailers, state government agencies, and trade associations, among others.


The energy sector is in evolution. Market changes and consumer preferences are driving changes that can have profound impacts on businesses and reveal new opportunities to insightful leaders. GuardianBridge can help our clients develop and implement strategies for optimization and success in power and utilities, oil and gas, and energy services sectors.

Technology Companies

Technology companies drive innovation in the ways that we work, live, and play. From founding to scaling to pivoting, technology companies need infrastructure – policies, procedures, and practices – that can drive and support growth. We have deep experience in providing services to assist software businesses, hardware companies, and advanced manufacturing businesses to start, scale, and create value.

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